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Concrete, wherever and whenever you need it.

Only pay for the concrete you use. Instacrete by Schouten delivers and pours concrete on-site, anytime and anywhere — with no minimums.

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Control your concrete and save money.

Instacrete delivers concrete to your site with a simple phone call. With no minimums and a pay-for-what-you-use policy, you’re guaranteed to save money. Plus, you’ll get access to an on-site selection of MPA, quantity, slump and additives for a strong, durable concrete with a great finish and better set times.

Get increased strength and slump control.

With fresh on-site mixing, Instacrete gives you control over the water-cement ratio. You’ll also be able to slump in any ingredient — sand, stone and cement can be increased or decreased immediately. This level of precision will give you a higher strength concrete mix design and consistent results.

Avoid early setting and eliminate waste.

Since Instacrete concrete is freshly mixed, poured and placed, early setting is completely avoided. We’ll produce and deliver the exact quantity of concrete you need for your project in ultra-modern trucks. With no lag time between mixing and pouring, cost overruns and wasted materials are totally eliminated.

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Take full advantage of admixtures.

Improve your concrete’s workability and strength with admixtures. Instacrete gives you full flexibility — just select your admixture, and we’ll mix it in right on-site. Our ever-increasing variety of admixtures includes…

Water reducers

Air-entraining agents




And more!

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Get access to a wide range of concrete products, instantly!

Unshrinkable fill/lean concrete (0.5 MPa)

Medium-strength concrete (25 MPa)

High-strength concrete (32 or 35 MPa)

Grout, with custom mixes available

Additives for fibre, colour, air, water entrainment & heat

Featured Project

Sarnia General Hospital

Complete demolition and abatement of a vandalized hospital, including meticulous concrete and metal recycling.
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Instacrete is available for contractors, farmers and homeowners 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. Call 519-476-5560 to get started!

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