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Taking every precaution.

Demolition, excavation and abatement is hazardous work. Schouten is committed to taking every possible precaution, preventing accidents or injuries before they happen.


When it comes to your site, safety is our top priority.

That’s why we’ve developed four promises that we make to every client.

We promise…

  • Daily site inspections & safety briefings with our crew.
  • A dedicated health & safety point of contact.
  • Licensed and competent staff.
  • Third-party reports available on applicable projects.
  • Insured & bonded

    Schouten is fully bonded, with commercial and liability insurance that exceeds the industry standard.

  • $75 million bonding limit
  • $15 million liability insurance
  • $5 million pollution insurance
  • $5 million auto insurance
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    Doing our due diligence

    At Schouten, we believe that all injuries are preventable. That’s why our team takes responsibility for each other’s safety. Part of this is a drive to always do our due diligence. Before we begin any work on your property, we complete a job site analysis where we identify any potential hazards. Our certified and licensed team includes a dedicated health & safety point of contact for you to be in touch with throughout the process.

    And while we demolish or excavate, you can rest assured knowing that our team performs safety briefings before getting to work — every single day! When we complete your project, disposal reports are filed and available to you. We also have third-party consultants come in from time to time to verify our work.

    Ultimately, we keep our clients and crews safe, so they can go home to their families every night.

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